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Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

The Placitas Trails Architectural Control Committee welcomes your support and input as we strive to adhere to the covenants that we all committed to. You are always welcome to leave us a message at 505-866-1849. We will return your call and address your concerns.

ACC COMMITTEE: John Oleson, Craig Howser, and Richard Estrada

  • Trim Color Standards: This page is to serve as a reference only. These colors were chosen many years ago when the ACC developed their overall standards. Please contact an ACC member to verify approved colors.

  • Design Approval Request Form (DARF): The ACC meets once a month and would like to have your Design Approval Request Form at least one week in advance of a meeting for review. You may view the schedule of meeting on our calendar to the left.

  • CC&R Covenant Violation: Before you file a CC&R Covenant Violation Form, please make sure you have exhausted all attempts to discuss your issue with your neighbors.

News & Updates: News & Updates
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